Meet the Band

Fall 2009 ~

Drew Bostwick, Andrew Vendelis, and Danny Vinton were all new 6th graders starting at Loyola Blakefield Middle School.  They each had joined the 6th grade concert band and starting talking about how great it would be to form their own band.  Drew and Andrew had met the previous summer, prior to enrolling at Loyola, after having been placed in the same group at a music camp. They were pleasantly surprised upon being reunited at Loyola, in addition to meeting Danny and learning that he played bass guitar.  The band (named by Andrew), All Rights Reserved was born!

During the winter of 2009, the boys diligently took private lessons for their instruments. Drew on drums, Andrew on guitar, and Danny on bass, meeting almost every Friday night for band practice.  Drew had already written a couple of songs and they were practicing covers from bands like Rush, Rage Against the Machine, Greenday, Nirvana, U2, and Black Sabbath.

On April 16, 2010, the boys were awarded their first show, performing at their school for a “Middle School Mixer” with the local area girls school.  That was the first time in history that a band was permitted to play a mixer at Loyola.

Since then, the band have played numerous venues including Ram’s Head Live!, The 8X10 Club, The Ottobar, Hard Rock Cafe, The Recher Theatre, and not to mention a second Loyola mixer (November 2011). Their largest performance to date was playing at the Boys Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Camporee, to an enthusiastic crowd of over 5,000.

In 2013, Quinn Hopkins joined the band, playing rhythm guitar in addition to singing lead and back up vocals.